Hacker Sovereign RP18 MW,LW,VHF receiver
£45 ono

Classic 1970 Hacker Sovereign RP18 SuperHet portable AM/FM MW, LW, VHF broadcast receiver.

Features gram input, tape output, built in telescopic antenna and external antenna socket.

Carry handle and rotating base plate in good working condition, ball bearings in base plate run smooth..
Clean inside with no corrosion.

lovely sound from Goodmans elliptical speaker.
Fold down back hinge works smoothly and latches hold tight with no movement or rattle.

Powered by 2 x 9V PP9 dry batteries fitted internally.
Batteries eventually ran out after 6 years of use and were removed before storage in 2020.

l MM7WAB. tel: 01292 427686 
Hamshack Hotline
: 41000 00136

Hacker Sovereign RP18A

Amstrad 6010 Multi-Band Receiver  £ 40 ono

1981 Amstrad 6010 superhet AM/FM portable shortwave receiver.  
Coarse + fine tuning controls, headphone jack.
Built in carry handle, telescopic antenna and built in mains power cable that can be stowed inside radio.

The internal battery box is clean with no corrosion.
  55 - 350 KHz,
1.5 - 30 MHz
  88 - 140 MHz

this includes
Marine Band 4 - 6 MHz
S.W. 7 - 23MHz
FM BC Band 88 -108 MHz
AIR Band 108 -138 MHz

IF: 465 KHz / 10.7 MHz 

Contact.Paul MM7WAB. tel: 01292 427686
Hamshack Hotline: 41000 00136


Bush EBS.3A analogue receiver. £ 45 ono

Restored Bush EBS.3A analogue shortwave receiver,
bakelite case in good condition. Band switch on case side.

Coverage: Medium Wave
(MW) 520 KHz to 1.7MHz
Short Wave (SW) 3.25MHz to 26MHz. 

This set runs on 240V AC mains power. Power cable not supplied with set. I used mains cable borrowed from another radio. Will be easy to arrange your own power connection or buy a plug to fit the set if you don't want to make your own.

Clean inside, all valves and caps in good condition Performs well and produces beautiful warm sound.

Can be securely packaged for courier collection but as it is bakelite would prefer buyer to collect.

Contact.Paul MM7WAB. tel: 01292 427686 Hamshack Hotline: 41000 00136

BUSH_EBS3A bakelite shortwave receiver
BUSH_EBS3A bakelite shortwave receiver
BUSH_EBS3A bakelite shortwave receiver
BUSH_EBS3A bakelite shortwave receiver

Yaesu FT-707  +  Yaesu YM-35 mic :  £220 
FT-707 'Wayfarer' solid state triple conversion superhet HF transceiver covering  80,40,30,20,17,15,12 and 10m amateur bands.  Switched multi-XTAL oscillator with very smooth geared vernier VFO control, digital frequency display, LED signal meter.  Continuously variable analogue bandwidth control 300 Hz to 2.4 KHz in SSB and CW modes. VOX level and delay controls. All in good working order, has been in regular use for last 3 years, not been taken outdoors or on field days only used in shack. 

This radio was professionally modified for operation with RF output of 10W to comply with UK Foundation amateur radio license conditions. This modification can be easily reversed to return the radio to it's original 100W RF output specification (information supplied with radio)

Yaesu FTV-707  VHF transverter  £100
Matching VHF transverter for FT-707 for operating SSB & AM modes on 2m VHF band. (with manual)

Will sell FT-707 + YM-35 mic + VHF transverter as complete package for £300

Contact.Paul MM7WAB. tel: 01292 427686
Hamshack Hotline: 41000 00136

YAESU-FT-707 HF set + FTV-707 transverter for 2m band
YAESU YM-35 microphone
Realistic_DX-200 communications receiver

Realistic DX-200 communications receiver:  £45 

Mains powered solid state mulit-mode receiver. 

Coverage: 150kHz to 30MHz in 5 switchable band blocks.
Features: Back-lit analog signal meter. 
Dual tuning controls:- Main Tuning and Band Spread tuning. 

Antenna trim control (for antenna impedance matching) AGC Fast/Slow switch. 

BFO pitch control for resolving LSB and USB signals.  5 position band switch. 

RF gain control.  ON/OFF & Volume control. Calibrator tone switch.
Mode switch ( SSB/CW, Standby, AM, AM/ANL ) 

Performs well with wire antenna, good sound.

Contact.Paul MM7WAB. tel: 01292 427686

Hamshack Hotline: 41000 00136


Tytera MD-380 £50 ONO 


Tytera MD-380 is a nicely made UHF radio that feels quite solid. Works very well on 70cm UHF amateur band in FM and DMR modes with nice clean stable output, 1W on Low & 5W on High. The 2Ah Li-Ion battery lasts many hours, time extended by turning screen backlight Off. The internal condenser mic is quite good but using an external speaker mic improves the audio level and clarity when operating in DMR mode.  A USB programming cable and DMR codeplug editor software is the way to set them up and program all the channels, zones and DMR talkgroups.  Each zone holds 16 channels, rotary control on the top selects channels. Zones are selected using front keypad & on screen menus or button on side of the radio. There are two programmable buttons on the side, one above and one below the PTT button.  These radios work very nicely in FM narrow & wide modes. Easy to use once you get used to the menu setup.
Desktop charger cradle, USB cable and programming software included.


Contact.Paul MM7WAB. tel: 01292 427686


Hamshack Hotline: 41000 00136